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Easter Parade of Fashions 2014

IMG_9867_edited-1 IMG_9864_edited-1 IMG_9863_edited-1 IMG_9862_edited-1 IMG_9861_edited-1 IMG_9860_edited-1 IMG_9858_edited-1 IMG_0080_edited-1 IMG_0076_edited-1 IMG_0069_edited-1 IMG_0065_edited-1 IMG_0062_edited-1 IMG_0060_edited-1 IMG_0057_edited-1 IMG_0056_edited-1 IMG_0051_edited-1 IMG_0048_edited-1 IMG_0040_edited-1 IMG_0031_edited-1 2014 Easter Parade of Fashion IMG_9925_edited-1 IMG_9909_edited-1 IMG_9893_edited-1 IMG_9885_edited-1 IMG_9876_edited-1 IMG_9875_edited-1 2014 Easter Parade of FashionThe 2014 Easter Parade of Fashion, held in theĀ First Baptist Church all-purpose room was a marvelous success. A HUGE thank you to Janet Lane who organized it all and her crew who “pulled it off” flawlessly.